The method chosen by Magma Sports & Timing for the timing of sports events is active transponder technology (chip) .

This allows timing with great reliability races involving high speed passing (eg cycling, downhill mountain biking, motorcycles, karts ...).

The use of transponder is the most flexible and effective for taking time for both the organizer and the participant. The identification and time athlete is followed live with a high precision, both in the start and on arrival, providing races by type and organization, including split times.

The system also allows merging technologies, for this we have photoelectric cells for the timing of specific events (downhill mountain biking, ski touring, carrilanas), which we can have the accuracy of the photocell with transponder information.

We can also provide for events which require, fotofinish working togheter with transponder timing.


The transponder timekeeping technology allows us to time events with massive outflows, in which the individual starting time is important for both the participant and the organization, and reading ability and flexibility of the system is critical for good management of the event. The transponder is assigned to participant data that bears it.


The active transponder is the size of a two-euro coin, very light, compact and can be placed in almost any position (in the athlete by velcro or bicycle fork, handlebar or pods) height and there is no limitation on reading.


Our timing system conforms to the configuration of the event, you can perform loop paths, open paths, add intermediate control points, control transitions. Almost any configuration of event is possible.

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